Snow Day

Last week's epic snow storm gave us a good excuse to stay indoors and indulge in an uninterrupted day of studio production - and later provided the perfect opportunity to put on all of our snow gear and tromp around outside through the sidewalk / lakeside snowdrifts for hours. Strange and beautiful snow dunes framed parked cars and leaned against buildings, blocking doorways and burying bus stop benches. Alleys teemed with shoveling arms and buzzing snowblowers, and random strangers smiled and said hello to each other as they stumbled over two-foot high snowbanks to cross the street. The storm continued to dump for a better part of the next day as well, piling up to make a powder hound's dream and a city transportation official's worst nightmare. Days later, lawn chairs, ironing boards, and step stools continue to stand guard in newly dug-out parking spots. Meanwhile, we continue to plow through our stack of orders for bags and aprons, and look forward to sharing some new ideas with you soon!

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