more road tripping from Winter Session

Well, the third half (I'll give a 20% discount to anyone who can correctly identify that "puzzling" reference) of Winter Session just got back from a needed 11 day Vacation. Road trip! Chicago-Cincinnati-Charlston WV-Roanoke-Ashville-Nashville-Louisville and a dozen small towns in between. Here's some highlights:
  • One of the best meals I've ever had
  • the best, most exciting, most terrifying driving roads ever
  • good times with good friends in Roanoke (Thanks again Aaron for introducing me to the documentary The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia)
  • staying a few days in an amazing cabin in the mountains near Cruso, NC
  • the lady at Subway in some small town in West Virginia who didn't know what "spices" were
  • best biscuits i've ever stuffed my face with (I think I ate 7 of them)
  • private tour of the worlds biggest cavern system
  • Imogene + Willie
  • the craziest most amazing "general store"
  • trips to probably at least a dozen antique malls
  • fell in love with Nashville
  • HA! oh yeah, and I was meer breaths away from buying an old "rust colored" pick-up truck. Michelle was 100% in support of it. But alas, it was a Dodge. I'm waiting for an Ford. I think it's a sign though.
and way more. here's some pictures:


heroscompanion said...

Imiss the mountains so much, trying to move back soon. Just found your site through daily candy and love it. Thank you.

tristan said...

Thanks for stopping by! Where are you from? I'm looking for any excuse to move there. I can't believe how beautiful it was, even in the dead of winter.

Hebden said...

Found you through Daily Candy as well. Love your bags...and aprons. I'm thinking that "the third half" comes from Car Talk on NPR.

tristan said...

Hebden wins!

Drop us an email at info@winter-session.com if you plan on ordering something!

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