Our squarest customer

One of the things we love about being involved in Winter Session is the interaction - real and virtual - that we get to have with friends and customers who are using our products. We always appreciate getting feedback about what we're making and are happy to hear opinions from all kinds of folks. Even cats. Yes, cats. Believe it or not, one of our first and most devoted customers is a cat named Eula. Unlike most cats, Eula has an eye for both fashion and function, and she also likes to cook. She was one of the first (feline or otherwise) to try out our Pullman ticking apron, which complements Eula's lines and corners quite nicely! Of course, being the creative cat that she is, Eula had to adapt the fit of the apron slightly to fit her particular square shape. She told us she liked her apron so much that she started wearing it around town (last month, she donned her Pullman for an outing at Union Square).
This month we got a special request from Eula for one of our Pullman half aprons to go along with her cooking outfit for Thanksgiving. This time she sent us her exact measurements so that we could make a custom fit, along with a request for 'white-on-white' ticking. We've never thought about using white ticking for anything yet (and it was quite a task to track down a supplier!), but since we trust Eula's sense about things, we thought we'd give it a try. The result was simple and elegant, and Eula sent us a photo immediately after she received it, thanking us for adding a special square pocket on the inside for collecting square treasures (one of her favorite pastimes).

So far we've been sticking with a mostly neutral color palette here at Winter Session, but we're hoping to come up with something special for Eula - whose favorite color is pink - this spring. In the mean time, you should check out Eula's personal website... her first book is coming out in January!

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