Maude's Liquor Bar

Maude's Liquor Bar
I was in this joint a couple of weeks ago setting up some coffee equipment. The staff was hard at work making it look great, and while it was still really rough, I saw a ton of potential and had my fingers crossed that they would not over do it. Doing a "vintage" build out can be really tough - it's really hard to do without it looking like either an junky antique store or a Cracker Barrel. Well, I stopped by again today to drop off some things and let me tell you - they NAILED it.

The descriptions being thrown around include phrases like "A Parisian-style dive bar" and "dirty French barbecue", it will feature fresh-made sausage, a raw bar, simple cocktails served in mason jars at the downstairs bar, and more elaborate cocktails in the bar upstairs. Visually, it's like the RRL version of Longman & Eagle.

They told me they're supposed to get their liquor license this week, and hope to be open for business in about a month. I can guarantee you'll see me sitting at the bar on opening night sipping Rye - neat, of course.

Full disclosure: I work for Metropolis Coffee of which Maude's is a customer.

Photos were taken from the Maude's Liquor Bar website.


Jeff Katz-Katz Company said...

What is the address?

tristan said...

840 West Randolph.