The Ongoing Texture of the Drift

I received a pleasant surprise in the mail over the holidays. Wrapped in tissue paper inside a box within a box within a box, I found a lovely necklace made by our friend Laurel Broughton, who is a seasoned sorceress of crafted things and seriously playful ideas. She lives in Los Angeles and runs a wonderful design studio called WELCOME. For her current collection of ear and neck adornments, she combines walnut, sassafras, and leather in the form of rocks and pyramids, and strings them together on a brass beam using colorful cotton lacing. Each one is unique, and, as you can imagine, rather irresistible. I wore mine out for the first time last night, and more than one person reached out to touch it. Tactility is one of Laurel's specialties. Keep your eye out for more of her intriguing twists and folk sensibilities here, as they tend to pop up at a moment's notice.

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