carry your stash in style

I've really been crushing hard on rucksacks, haversacks, and musettes lately. Being a boy, I can't very well carry around a purse, and I'm getting tired of carrying around my messenger bag just to carry a few things. Dressed up or down they're fashionable and functional. You can wear them to the office or take them camping.

I'd love to see us make some versions of these using waxed cotton, wool, canvas with leather trim and straps. But keep it simple. Too many straps and pockets kill the simplicity.

Below are some of my favorites.

I don't know who made this first one, but it was spotted at (I think) NY Fashion Week. Probably a case of too many straps/pockets, but the light fabric mixed with what is probably a vegetable-tanned leather bottom is to die for.

Vintage Austrian Army Rucksack

Archival Clothing Musette

LL Bean Maine Guide Rucksack

Duluth Back Shooter's Haversack

Fjällräven Vintage Backpack (This one is extra neat because it's got padded straps and a back-vent system so it can be used for hiking)

Albam Summit Pack

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