Cooler Cabinet Sketches

Tall, Medium, Short


Geo Johnston said...

Mr. K,
Seeing these sketches I am thinking that they might work better with two doors side by side, or with the door(s) rotated 90^ so they are in a landscape orientation. More of a sideboard or an kitchen table than a stand alone cabinet. What if two doors were stacked on top of each other? I think they will work better in combination. How do you want it to be used? What is kept inside?

If I were to use it to display the product I might want the door to he at eye level or to be low enough that I can kneel down to get into it. Lets think about a bar service also, with a tray on-top and some glasses. One though I had was to have a metal inset in the top where ice would be placed. It would keep the interior cool and keep wine or beer chilled. It is that kind of utility that i think will push this into an unexpected and beautiful place.

I like where it is going. the doors are thick and heavy, which I am sure make it tough to contend with. How can I best help with this project?

mr. k. said...

Mr. J.,
I totally agree with the idea of two doors rather than one. After drawing these up I really started to question it. It has an awkwardness that is not so pleasant, just a bit heavy. I like the idea of keeping the doors low to the floor, maybe like an old back bar where you have beer inside, underneath and glasses, liquor and an ice bin on top. Let's throw some more drawings around.