appearing and disappearing

sculptural work of Rob Fischer

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Geo Johnston said...

The boat and the house are amazing. I like them for two somewhat unrelated reasons.

The boat is a graft in the most beautiful understand of the term / practice. It takes two vernaculars and merges them into beautifully. It opens a new understanding of both the boat and also a solarium. the fact that salvaged materials are used does a number of things the least of which is an insinuation of a history of use. It is really wonderful. The proportion of hull to glass holds the form right on the edge of balance.

It is this question of balance that also pertains to the house. In this case it is about enclosure and the weight of the structure. I find myself asking the great questions of "how does this thing work; How do I get into it, and what is it like on the inside?" I also question the scale of it, and in this way it moves between art object and architecture. Forget all the other questions of decay and tectonics (or lack of) I want to see it, even if it is only 4' tall.